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The GreenSpace at Macy is a space that is open to our students and community. Its ongoing success is a direct result of the many shared relationships that unite in order to nurture our fruits, herbs, vegetables and plants so that our school community is able to enjoy a space that provides sustenance and growth. For more information in the many things that are occurring on a daily basis, please check out our monthly GreenSpace Newsletters under the "Newsletter Archive" section of this page.
For more information on how you can get involved with the Macy GreenSpace, please contact our Main Office at 323.722.0260.

Benches donated to Macy Greenspace!

This Summer, six wooden benches were added to our GreenSpace. These benches created an additional area for students to gather, relax, celebrate and enjoy this special area of our campus. Our benches are made from beautiful Redwood, and were put together by student members of our 4H GreenSpace club. These benches were provided for our students thanks to generous donations from various community members. MUSD Superintendents donated a bench, Macy Staff donated a bench, CEC and our ASB each donated a bench, retired teacher Barbara Chavira and her family donated a bench, Rosa Romero also donated a bench, and the past Principals of Macy and Macy Alumni also donated a bench respectively.
We would like to continue to add benches and other seating areas to our GreenSpace area and would greatly appreciate any donations to facilitate this. We are extremely proud of our students' efforts in maintaining and ensuring that our GreenSpace continue to thrive. Please feel free to visit our GreenSpace the next time you are close to Macy--we have a pumpkin patch, sunflowers, chili peppers and herbs all growing, and just planted vegetables in one of our planter boxes. Together, we continue make Macy an incredible place for all learners!

4H partners with Macy's Greenspace!

The students of the CEC and 4H have been busy bees in the GreenSpace, tilling over and adding more than thirty bags of bumper crop, a rich organic material, to our planter boxes and plots. Year 2 of the GreenSpace has broken ground for rich, high-yielding gardening experiences for our students and supporters. Macy students have the opportunity to work in the GreenSpace on a regular basis through our afterschool CEC program, and through the 4H Program.
The CEC Gardening Club meets on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 5pm. 4H meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm. On Wednesdays, both groups collaborate on various activities and tasks together from 1:30pm to 3pm.
Planter boxes and space has been divided up amongst various student groups and classes. Currently, the flower boxes closest to Lupine Avenue are in full bloom. Please feel free to stop by and delight in the various flowers that our students have planted.
Please view our GreenSpace Newsletter by clicking here.
We eagerly look forward to the many plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables that will begin to flourish in our garden as we approach the warmer Spring months. If you have any questions, would like to support our GreenSpace, or would like a tour of our GreenSpace, please feel free to contact us at 323.722.0260.