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What is AVID?

AVID is a school-wide system designed to meet the educational and social needs of all students, in particular students who, with support, have the potential to succeed in a rigorous course of study and go on to attend a post-secondary institution. Through AVID, students are prepared to meet four-year college entrance requirements by mastering college preparatory curricula.
The foundation of the AVID system is an elective class that provides academic support for students who aspire to attend a two/four year college or university and who would benefit from daily in-school instructional support in order to be successful in a college preparatory course of study. AVID course content includes instruction intended to improve a variety of skills; tutorials designed to increase higher-level thinking and success in rigorous courses; and motivational activities, guest speakers, and college and career exploration.
Most students can succeed in rigorous courses and get into and through college by perseverance, hard work, and, as the AVID system's names reveals, "individual determination". However, many students need assistance in reaching the goal of going to college. AVID students are placed with a strong group of peers and adults who share a commitment to academic excellence and who work together for student success. In the AVID classroom students find high expectations, encouragement, day-to-day help, a vision of college as an expected and attainable goal, and guidance academic structure to support students as they work to succeed.

Who makes up the AVID site team in a school?

Each AVID school has a team that consists of the principal and/or assistance principal, the AVID site coordinator, AVID classroom teacher(s), subject area teachers, a guidance counselor, the district director, tutor representative, and at times, parent and student representatives. These site team members serve as advocates for AVID students and the AVID program and provide a collegial support group working to ensure the system's success.

What kind of committment do the students make to the AVID program?

The AVID elective class requires hard work and perseverance, and is effective only if participation is voluntary. Students must sign a contract agreeing to:
- Enroll in AVID as an elective class
- Enroll in a rigorous course of study
- Study at least two hours a day and complete all assignments
- Maintain an organized AVID binder that includes class notes, studying material, assignments, and completed work
- Participate in AVID tutorial groups
- Assist teachers and students in maintaining a positive learning environment
- Participate in AVID field trips and activities
- At Macy, 8th grade AVID students take the ACT/Explore
- Apply several colleges and universities in their senior year

Who is served by AVID?

AVID targets students who have the potential to succeed in a rigorous academic program if given both opportunity and support. It is not a remedial program for failing students, nor is it a program for gifted students who are underperforming. Candidates for the AVID program are identifies by counselors, teachers, parents and/or students themselves according to the following criteria:
Students with Academic Potential
- Average to High Test Scores
- 2.0-3.5+ GPA
- College Potential with Support
- May be from the first generation in their family to attend a four-year university immediately after graduating from high school
- Desire and Determination

Grading Breakdown

Binder checks = 50% of grade; 50 points = A
Tutorials = 20% of grade; 2x a week; 50 points = A
Assignments = 20% of grade
Participation and Attendance = 10% of grade